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Hello, my child was a late walker (started walking at about 20 mos). She has been walking for a while now and walks on her own (2.5 yrs) but she pronates her feet and does not have good balance. She often falls backwards and doesn't catch her fall and it could be very dangerous. We are about to order SureStep SMO Orthotics for her. She has no neurological conditions or any other health issues. She is otherwise a healthy, normal kid. Starting off in this process: Do you recommend getting a pattern of the SureStep or plain white so that it is less noticeable when worn? What brand of shoes are best to order? Do they have to be wide width? Would be interested in knowing success stories with these SMOs. I have done a lot of research and it appears that these are amazing and work absolute wonders in gaining balance and confidence. I want to see her run and jump effortlessly, which she does not do now. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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