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My son refused to sleep for longer than 10 minutes without being swaddled when he was born. The problem is...he is 5 months old and STILL won't sleep without being swaddled. I'm talking arms swaddled tight by his sides. He is 17.9 lbs and is entirely too big to be swaddled- it takes two blankets- and he is unswaddling himself all night long because he is too big for being swaddled. Does anyone have any advice or tips to get him to sleep without being swaddled?


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this may help you i looked it up sounds good.
The most common method to transition away from swaddling is to swaddle with legs out, then one arm out, then to stop swaddling all together. Some swaddle one arm out, then both arms out and then stop swaddling. A baby who was once sleeping through the night may not do that while adjusting to sleeping without the swaddle. Keep in mind that it might take a week or two for her to get used to not being swaddled and getting used to having her limbs out. If her moro or startle reflex hasn’t stopped, it might be especially difficult and you might swaddle her again and try again a few weeks to a month later. Babies change very fast in the first year that something that didn’t work at one time might work great just two weeks later. You must be patient and give your baby time to adjust.

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