Taggies? Moms what do you think about these?

Britt - posted on 05/21/2012 ( 6 moms have responded )




I recently took my 15 month old off the paci (2 weeks now) and that was a big security "blanket" for her. Lately I've been having issues putting her to bed (in her own crib) and keeping her asleep in there. Some nights good, some bad. I think she needs some sort of lovey? Heard these Taggies were great. Please let me know what you think and you have any other ideas, feel free to chime in :)

Thanks Mommas.


Heather - posted on 05/23/2012




Taggies, baby dolls, stuffed animals, all work well! YES, she NEEDS lovey. Give her a few to choose from, or let her pick one out from the store herself!

Karen - posted on 05/22/2012




I bought my daughter a Taggie when she was little (she is 8 now) when they first came out...she didn't really have any interest in it. Her lovey was a "lamb", a blanket animal that her Grandmother bought her...it was of blanket type material, kinda had the shape of a sack, with a head, legs and arms and it was EVERYTHING to her...the tag that was on it, she use to rub between her fingers all the time which is why I bought the Taggie in the first place. I gave the Taggie to my second daughter a year later...she had no interest either. I still had it and ended up giving it to my son (who is 3-1/2 now) when he was little. My son could take it or leave it...wasn't crazy about it. Then my husband brought home a homemade Taggie from a coworker for him. My son LOVED it! Till this current day, he still has to have it everynight for bed, and especially wants it when he is sad, it is his comfort thing. My son did not like the real Taggie but liked the homemade one because I think it was softer and there was no filling in it (just two pieces of material sewn together with the ribbons) He can really grab and hold on to it more...easier to cuddle and he rubs those tags all over his face (he seems to really like the textured ones the best). Your little one may or may not like the Taggie to begin with. Lay out a couple of options for your child, get the Taggie, get a soft small blanket and maybe one of those blanket animals as well and let them choose. Every child is different. Good Luck!

Amy - posted on 05/21/2012




Both my kids 6 and 2 have blankets that were made for them as newborns that they sleep with, my son actually had to have a second one made because his first one was falling apart so now he has two. My 2 year old has a blanket, a bunny, and another satin blanket with a bunny head on top that she sleeps with. I've never heard of a taggie but my suggestion is whatever you go with buy an extra to rotate them out and to have an extra in case you lose one because there have been sleepless nights here without them!

Elfrieda - posted on 05/21/2012




A blanket with some different textures might be best. My son has a blanket that he holds to fall asleep. It's got satin-smooth binding and is fuzzy on one side and polka-dotted on the other. He likes to explore it with me before bed, it calms him down. "Smooth... soft... balls!"

Barbara - posted on 05/21/2012




My daughter has a blanket she sleeps with every night, she runs her fingers over it and smells it and rubs it on her cheek and carts it with her everywhere. She sleeps at daycare without it, but I can't imagine putting her to bed without it. Maybe take her to a store and put like 5 different options in the front of the cart with her and see what she gravitates to and doesn't want to let go? I think Taggies were geared toward infants more so than toddlers, but she might love it.


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