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My son is 4 months shy of 2 and for the past few months now he's been acting bad like biting himself his daddy my furniture slapping in the face hitting yelling throwing himself on the grown throwing his toys or whatever is near him. Is this normal and how do I make him stop! Thanks for any advice.


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Totally normal. Or at least I hope so because both my kids went through that phase. My daughter started biting and was worse with it that my son I think because she is second born and that was her only form of back lash when it came to her brother. We nipped it in the bud though with timeout. Every time she bit or got close to biting it was straight to her room. And she hated it, so it worked really well. Same with the throwing. With both kids. Time out in the bed room didn't work well with my son because he didn't mind going, so we started time out sitting in a corner, where he couldn't see the tv. NOW the only issue were fighting with time outs is the crying/whining the tantrums have stopped but they both still fake cry to get the other in trouble or to get their way. Hahaha but I found the trick was to send them to time out the FIRST time they did it and not to give a warning/freebie first. The FIRST time they threw a toy it's to time out. Not a "if you do that again you'll sit in time out".

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