Tantrums at the mall!!!

Heather - posted on 03/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 16 month old son is so well behaved- usually. However, once we hit the mall, he morphs into some child I barely know. He screams the enitre time we are there; He raises himself and slams himself back on to the seat making it recline all the way back and then screams twice as loud. Give him juice and snacks? That helps for about five minutes-unitl he throws his cup. I have never been so embarrassed. He is my first child. I work full time, my Fiance works basically sun up to sun down, and we have no family in the area (he goes to daycare while I am at work). So, it's not an option for him to stay home while I run errands or try to do a little shopping. I honestly thought it was the crappy stroller we had (it was a hand me down gift and was not very comfy for my lil man), so when we got our income taxes, I bought an awesome jogging stroller, so comfort is not the issue. I'm at my witts end with this one and need a resolution. I find myself starting to get hateful with him now, which I know is not the answer, but what is??? He was born 6 weeks prematurely, so he doesn't talk very much at all ( hi, bye, mom, dad, juice). Plus, he didn't start walking until about 3 weeks ago, so taking him out of the stroller and turning him loose is not really an option.


Gena - posted on 03/09/2013




Hi Heather..most proberbly he is just going through a phase, my son also went through it. Try letting him "help" while shopping..example tell him you are going to get apples and let him hold and smell the apple. Sonetimes it also helped us to take a book with or some other toy.Just dont give up and keep on going with him it would be worse if you stop going. I hope i could help abit..and goodluck shopping

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