Terminating fathers rights

Colabear95 - posted on 02/07/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 2.5 years old, her biological father has not made contact since I told him I was pregnant. I was 2 months pregnant. I've been married to my husband three years come October, and he wants to adopt her. Is it possible to do without contacting the biological father? I don't want this to be a hassle at all for my husband, he's such an amazing father and deserves to have that right, I mean he's the only dad she's ever known!


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Susan - posted on 02/19/2017




You need to check with an attorney for laws in your area. It is not about personal preference. File, get the adoption done, regardless and then go on being a wonderful famil.

Michelle - posted on 02/07/2017




In addition to what Ev said, the BD can give up his rights if he wants to. Just because he hasn't been in contact doesn't mean won't.
I would suggest talking to a lawyer and making sure you go about it the legal way.
I also agree with telling her that Dad isn't her real Dad. She has every right to know.

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