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Angela - posted on 08/04/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My little girl turned 3 in June and is impossible! I feel like I don't know what to do anymore hence joining circle of moms! She is a very bad sleeper only going down after 9pm!! Any advice! She was born 3 months prem - birth weight 695 grams! She is perfect and extremely bright! Her behavior now is just so unruly! HELP!


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Dawn - posted on 08/04/2012




I'm in a similar situation with my daughter. She turned three in May. She's very clever, learning all the time, and also very defiant, independent, and outspoken. I'll give you the same advice that's been given to me. Be consistent. Stand your ground. Choose your battles. Explain why you make the rules you do. Use consequences rather than punishment when she doesn't do as she's told. Example: If you don't clean up your toys when you're done playing, I will, and you won't be able to play with them anymore.

Make chores into games and use laughter as much as possible. Sing songs to transition from one thing to another. Be patient and kind. Don't let her see your emotions get out of control. Walk away if you have to calm down. Just make sure when you do that she's not in a place she can get hurt.

For bedtime, and this is my constant battle, be consistent in your routine. My daughter's bedtime used to be 8, but we've moved it to 8:30 or 9. We start getting ready for bed at 8. We tell her she can lay in bed and read books if she's not tired, but she must stay in her bed. We make sure she has everything she needs before we leave the room. If she calls out to me, I might go up, but only once. I tell her this is the last time, and she needs to go to bed because her body and mind need rest. It's getting better, but it's taken a couple months and we still have nights where we backslide.

Hope this helps you some. Just remember her behavior is normal for a three year old.

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