TERRIBLE TWO or Just my son????

Christine - posted on 01/25/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son just turned two and is being so horrible! He is good at home, but he doesn't like to be thrown off balance. If he doesn't get his way he screams and doesn't stop until he does get his way...even if it is two hours later. He isn't talking very much, just one or two words at a time, no sentences yet, except for, "what are you doing?"


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Jennie - posted on 01/25/2011




my son does the exact same thing only he doesn't talk at all. He babbles all day long makes lots of expressions and hand gestures just no recognizable words. His tantrums are awful. I have been using time outs in his playpen. Although most of the time he doesn't realize what he did was wrong it does give him enough time to cool down before he comes back out and tries being good again. Also ive found that setting a routine helps to tone down the tantrums. I would say that hes testing you as is mine to find out what is ok what is not and what he can get you to bend on if he cries enough. The key is not to give in if u have already said no.

Dora - posted on 01/25/2011




He may be acting out because he does not know how to express what he wants or how he is feeling. That is completely normal. Next time he is having difficulties try talking to him in a calm voice. You can also divert him while talking to him. By diverting him you are teaching him what he is allowed and not allowed to do but it is in a way he can understand at that young age. Communication is big at this age and the more you communicate with him the easier it will get because he will start understanding more, learn how to communicate and express himself.

Rosie - posted on 01/25/2011




My daughter turned 3 in december and she's difficult too. She reminds me of Napolean- the short dictator.

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