terrible twos or other peoples bad behavoir

Amber - posted on 12/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my child is two about to be three. I live with my mom my step dad my step sister and her four kids. She is very energetic and smart but she is picking up on bad habbits. Most of them are cominng from my nephews and my step dad. My mom and them tell me its just her age but she never used to act like this till we moved in here. she isnt listening ans learning very bad habbits from them. time outs dont work not even decipline she is babied by my mother and my step dad turns it into a joke by saying mommy quit picking on me. i dont know what to do i dont have to the tollerence or the patients for this bad behavior. she is in the learning years of her life and im afraid its going to be too late and im not going to be able to fix it or make here be like her old self im scared and i dont know what to do i really need some advice if anyone could please help contact me.


Gigi - posted on 12/31/2012




It sounds like you need to sit down with the other adults in the household and talk to them. She is your child and you can tell them what is acceptable behaviour towards her. You can't do anything about other kids in the house, but you can be consistent with the way you raise your daughter and expect other adults to behave the same.

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