The use of the teat phasing When a baby is still young, you can not explain why he should not teat. When a baby has gotten acquainted with his pacifier, he will need to keep. Will a baby in the beginning still a dummy for his sucking need, later it becomes a habit. It's smart to use a pacifier to learn as a baby is between six months and one year. But most parents find that it does not hurt that their child gets a pacifier or make no sense in worrying example with sleep. In principle, a nipple does not hurt as a child but not quite the day with a pacifier in his mouth is. To begin the unlearn of a teat, can, for example the use of the teat will be discontinued. One older child hears daytime pacifier no longer needed. Teach your child such that his pacifier only allowed in bed. Make sure your child the rest of the time his pacifier also can not see. And be consistent throughout the day nipple really hard to give. When your child whines his pacifier, he leads off with some toys for example. At one time stop The most effective way to use a pacifier to learn is to just throw him. On the other hand, this is also very hard and will choose not to many parents. If you as a parent, yet strong enough in your shoes and is fast from the nipple to be, this is the way. The child is probably the first few days will be inconsolable and maybe a few nights of poor sleep. But eventually your child is still getting used to the teat no longer needed. You learn in this way the use of a nipple, make sure that you never give a pacifier, otherwise you can start again from scratch. Eliminating the teat in older children Eventually there comes a time that you as a parent can think of now is not really a dummy, not even at night. It can be an advantage or a disadvantage to the nipple to learn in an older child. On the one hand, they are so attached to their nipple that it can be difficult to stop. On the other hand, they explain that they are too big for their teat and a game of it. Let your child stop the teat. You can encourage your child to stop the teat. Give your child something for example, every day / night that his pacifier does not need something fun, like a small gift or a sticker. Is your child all the way to allow him to throw away, reward him with a little bigger. Make it a story. You can also choose to be right to stop the pacifier. For the child it is important what will happen with the teat. Throw it away together or exchange it for example for a gift. When your child asks later for his pacifier can get him remind them what happened. Conclusion It can be difficult to increase the use of a teat to learn. There is no good way. It is different for each parent what they do best for their child find. Some parents think it's the right way at once to stop the nipple, for example, give other parents the pacifier only at night. Ultimately, every child, especially if it is older, can easily and without teat.


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