This mom feels she has to work.

Brandy - posted on 04/14/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I absolutely love being a mom, but I have also been a person who loves to work (stay busy outside of the home). I believe that some women are meant for a life in the home and some women are meant to do more. I'm having a hard time just staying in the house with my 13 month old playing with him on the floor and doing house work while he naps. We do have a mommy group once a week, but thats only a couple of hours, one day a week. i'm feeling depressed and dont know what I should do. I don't want to put my baby in daycare because I'm perfectly capable of raising my own child (plus daycare is expensive), but I feel i want more. WHAT DO I DO? Can someone give me some advice?


Stephanie - posted on 04/14/2010




I agree with Sarah, there are so many other things in your community. I too love staying busy so it has taken some time but we are out and about all week.
We go to the library for story time, to the park, we have a dog too so it helps us get out and walk. I meet other for play dates once a week too.
Try some googling I am sure you will find lots to do. There is volunteer stuff too, visit your local nursing home or retirement center.
To me being a SAHM is not just about house work and staying home. I love putting my creative skills to the test and coming up with ways to entertain us. :)
Best of luck to you!!

Sarah - posted on 04/14/2010




I would find more things in your community that the two of you could do during the week. The Y has many different things for mommy and baby. I know Y memberships can be expensive so also look at what the community rec. offers. In my community they offer mommy and me music, crafts (might be a bit young yet for that one), swimming, even tumbling. Many times the classes are not long, like your mommy group, but it does give you more activities you can be doing during the week. If there is a nature center in your community they may also offer some different things during the day that might be of interest. When it is nice I enjoy just getting out and taking a walk. This could be done with just you and baby or you and a friend. I also enjoy going to the park. We have a swing set in our backyard, but the kids love to play at a different place and I enjoy having a change also. When it is summer we would spend a lot of time at the pool. This keeps us cool and it also wears the kids out that they are ready for an early bedtime sometimes. The library will often times have story time (Barnes and Noble also does story times). Many will offer a infant one and then a toddler/preschool one so if you have one that does not sit for long it will still be short enough for them. You can also do play dates besides the mommy group one. I really enjoyed doing this when my kids were getting close to preschool age. I would get together with other moms that had kids that would be going to preschool with my kids. It made the first day of preschool much easier when we walked in and they saw others that they have played with there. I am a big garage sale person so that was another thing we did when it was garage sale season. Many times garage sales start Thurday mornings, so being a stay home mom it made it easier to hit the ones that sounded good before they were picked over. Another thing that can help with being a stay home mom is finding something you enjoy doing (a hobby....reading, scrapbooking, knitting, etc.) and allowing yourself to spend some time doing that while your child naps. This helps to make it feel like you are not just draining yourself and not being able to fill yourself back up. Sorry for the length...hope it helps.


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