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Marie - posted on 06/23/2014




There are so many tips out there for keeping toddlers safe. I have a list of my 'baby/toddler proofing must haves' here:
Also, the link's resource has 5 additional steps (just follow the link) for baby-proofing your home, making sure you have safe toys and more. I found it very, very helpful when going back through my house and looking for hazards and child proofing rooms.

Ashley - posted on 06/25/2010




I used drawer locks, cabinet locks, baby gates... Then as he got older I just kept my eye on him more. There is a point in time where he is falling down a lot, clumsy, etc and you just can't do much about it, it's a learning curve. I felt like he just got hurt all the time, but it's something they have to go through. I'm not sure if that's what you mean - like when they are falling and hitting their heads all the time, crashing into things, skinning knees,etc. My doc assured me when I brought him into his 2 year check that if he didn't come in covered in bruises and scrapes she would be worried about his development. Of course, I felt like a bad mom most of the time. You get past that stage, and even though they still get hurt a lot, YOU get used to it.

Shayla - posted on 06/23/2010




Stay within a 2ft radius of just kidding umm fenced yard outlet plugs,keep all wires hidden, make sure when done using sharp objects you put them in sink, cabinet and drawer locks, baby gates, t.v locks and wall mounts, you can go to your nearest babiesrus and they will give you lots of advice cause i'm sure there is alot i am forgetting trying to look around the house and see. Oh if you have a pool make sure you have a way to block it off from your kid

Christine - posted on 06/18/2010




pay close attention, your house is often not as safe as you think it is. cabinet locks, drawer locks, electrical outlet covers. doorknob covers for areas that the toddler should not go into. be sure that nothing can be pulled over on the child or knocked down (tvs, bookshelves, etc can crush a toddler) even if you use cabinet locks it is a good idea to keep any chemicals somewhere out of reach. have the numbers for the pediatrician, local rescue and poison control on hand at all times. if a child has mastered unlocking the front or back door consider adding a lock that is out of reach. do not leave the child alone with ANY type of animal. no matter how friendly it is, or how long youve known it. always BE MINDFUL and always watch your baby. there are a thousand ways your toddler can be seriously injured in the safest home. the best way to prevent injury is to watch your child closely. if you are looking for different information please be more specific, hope this helps!!! :)

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