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My son is 18 months old and doesn't say much just dada and sometimes mama. Other than that he grunts. I try to teach him to say words but he wont. What should I do?


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My daughter is 21 months and she hasn't really said much either. I take her to a speech therapist. I can say that my daughter does not like to be put on the spot, meaning when I ask her to say something, she won't even try.
Here is what the therapy has taught me:
The easiest words for kids to say are those that start with p, b and m. Animal sounds are a good thing to go for, too. Kids tend to use the sound to identify the animal before they will say the name of the animal.
Do not use baby talk and call things by their actual names (don't call a cow a moo, or a train a choo choo). When he wants something, a toy, his cup, to be picked up, look at him in his eyes and point to your mouth as you say the word, so he can see how you move your mouth to make the sound. Wait until he makes some sort of sound, or effort to make the sound before you give him the thing he is asking for. If he wants his toy boat, hold it next to your mouth and say boat in a sort of exaggerated way. Wait until he says the word, or makes the movement with his mouth before you give it to him. But don't expect it to sound exactly like the word at first.
My daughter says ahhh for back and ohm for home. I know what she says, but no one else really would.
Also, it's good to stand in front of a mirror so he can see his own mouth moving when he makes sounds, and so he can mimic yours.
Most of all, make it fun, he won't want to learn if it's stressful.
Good luck, I know your struggle! It takes a while, don't give up.

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