"Tips for the best way to use the word No".

Daneita - posted on 01/21/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do I get my son thats 2 about to be 3 feb 21 the word noooooo with out him screaming and crying and acting out everytime he cant get his way he crys scream hits me and everyone else how do i deal with that


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Sarah - posted on 01/21/2013




When he does that then sit him in a time out for 3 mins. Have a chair or spot that is always used for time outs.....the chair or the spot can move if you are in a different location. Give one warning and then if he continues put him in the time out spot. The spot should be away from toys, tv, people, etc. If he gets up from that spot before the 3 mins are up but him back WITHOUT saying a word and start the time over. He needs to sit for the WHOLE 3 mins. Do NOT interact with him while he is in time out. Kids know and will try to say anything they can to get a response....I love you, I am sorry, I hate you, can I get up, etc. When the time is up go over to him and briefly explain why he had a time out. Keep it short and simple. Be consistant with doing this each time as then this helps teach him that when he does those things this is what the consequence is. It may take a bit but if you stay consistant with it it does work. There are times you will feel like he is NEVER going to get it and all he does is sit in time out. Then one day you will notice that he is having less and less time outs or just a warning is stopping the behavior.

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