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I have an daughter who's 18months and a new born son my daughter is always throwing fits n she wont eat nothing but snack or sleep threw the night she okay around the baby and other kids


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I was in that situation when my son was born. It's a hard time in their development, in terms of learning how to throw temper tantrums... made all the harder with new baby around...

Just remember to stay as calm and patient as possible. Get some extra support for you during this time, and give your daughter some extra attention. Set time aside for just you and her, tell her you love her and all the things you love about her, or even just read a book or play with toys with her. She needs reassurance that brother isn't replacing her, and that you still remember her.

As for fits, at that age I incorporated time outs. Find a safe space for her to sit and cry and pout alone (NOT her bed!!), with out alot of toys but maybe a book to help her calm down, for little periods of time (don't leave her in a room for hours). When she calms down, tell her she can come out.

Make sure she eats heathly snacks, maybe try toddler formula between meals for extra nutrition. If her moods and eating don't improve with some behavior techniques, get her to a pediatrician sooner rather then later.

Goodluck mama!

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