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Mguna2558 - posted on 03/11/2016 ( 8 moms have responded )




Any ideas or suggestions on potty training a 2.5 year old that shows no interest
Thank you


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Gabriella - posted on 03/17/2016




Every child is different. With my little one I kept him most of the time on his underwear (he didn't like to be wet). Put him in his little toilet every 20 minutes. One day out of sudden he just set in his potty and pooped. Now everytime he wants to use the toilet he come to me. Of course sometimes accidents happens. Good luck and don't make that a priority. Your little one will do things on his own time.

Melissatrecker - posted on 03/15/2016




No bottoms on and potty chair in sight at all times helped me. Lots of messy floors for a while but the idea of going in a big boy potty then dumping and FLUSHING....... Wow..... Didn't take long after he realized it was fun. Although, lots and lots of toilet flushing for no reason ensued.

Michelle - posted on 03/13/2016




My suggestion is don't push it. If you do then it will take a lot longer!!!!
There are potty training books around and even ask every hour or so if they need to go but don't force the issue. It will happen when they are ready. If you try and train too early you will have a lot of accidents and it will take a lot longer.

Amanda - posted on 03/12/2016




My son is 2.5 years. He started potty training himself, which AMAZED me. I actually had planned on initiating potty training this up coming week when it was a little warmer, so I had placed a potty chair in the living room for him to get used to. About 3 days after sitting the potty chair out, he came and woke me up one morning, he must have been up for awhile because he had his pajamas off, he dragged me to to the potty chair tugging at his diaper so we took it off and I have been a happy mommy ever since..What I did after he initiated training was made a sticker chart and every time he potties he got a sticker, which he is proud when he gets one. After so many stickers he gets a prize (I made a goal of 10 potyys in one week for a prize...he flew past that in 4 days) Also high fives, dancing clapping, yays. I also have only had bottoms on him 2 times since training , once for a 3 hour Dr appointment and once for a birthday party. At home I just keep a shirt on him and socks on his feet so he cannot rely on the comfort of the diaper. He also enjoys carrying the potty chair bowl to the toilet, dumping it in and fusing the toilet while waving bye :)

Samantha - posted on 03/11/2016




Having exactly the same problem with my partners 3 year old boy he was extremely lazy and use to just stare at me stop dead where ever he was and pee himself or just hide and pee him self he was so lazy with it !!! Was so frustrating because it was genuinely being lazy at his nursery he would refuse to let them change him, so they started putting him on the toilet we use to have the potty in the hall way as we have Lino down its back in the bathroom now he is still lazing now the other week he took off his morning nappy and poohed all across the living room floor .... Some one told me to set a timer every 15 mins and place him on it but he kept missing so I changed it to every 10 mins took him and placed him in it use to let him just run around bottomless at home to try and save clothes from accidents .... I also did a reward chart we are trying to master through the day before we tackle the night he hasn't had an accident for over a week now and now goes to the toilet or potty by himself telling us he's going but we still tell him to as well he kicks up a fuss but stick at it ..... It's trial and error and hits and misses but just persevere !!! Your get there like we will lol hope they helps xx

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