Toddler daycare troubles

Amrahope - posted on 01/28/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi! New here. Looking for some advice and insight on a situation at our current daycare. I've been a SAHM for 2 years. I just went back to work last month, after enrolling our 2.5 yr and 1.5 yr old into daycare. They go 3-4 days a week 7 to 5. Our oldest has been before, it wasn't until our daughter that he stopped going. She has never been before now.

They called this week to inform us that our daughter had bitten another child on the cheek (pretty severely) and they wanted us to be informed. When their grandmother picked them up (I am unable to I work 6a-6p) the daycare informed her that they would have to keep her in a chair or crib if someone wasn't within arms reach of her and of course she asked how long and they told her until further notice when they think she is no longer going to bite. Basically because of the severity of the bite is what she was told is why it is being handled that way. My husband and I have already made the commitment to switch daycare because we don't feel they are the best at promoting education and some of the teachers don't seem the most patient.

Nothing they have done has ever led us to believe that anything is wrong. Nothing concrete should I say. The fact they want to put our child in a chair or crib when someone isn't with her....mmm..
I just don't have a good feeling. It's not sitting right with me. Also might I add, our child has never bitten anyone since birth (not saying she couldn't have) but the whole thing just smells.

Any thoughts?

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