Toddler is aggressive to younger sister

Ann - posted on 06/09/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughters are 2 & 3 and my eldest will not leave my youngest alone. Every time she's playing quietly by herself or with a toy she'll come and take it from her. Which results in me giving her a time out and telling her it's wrong to just take things from her sister, and she can wait her turn to play with that certain toy or object. She's now gone from just snatching things to throwing things at her, pushing her off the couches or when she's just standing there, and has been hitting her for no reason at all. I know it could just be a phase where my eldest is just frustrated and just lashing out but there has to be a way to get her to realize what she's doing is wrong. I've done everything from time-outs, i've taught them about sharing, and i've even gone the extra mile to buying two of everything usually so they can both have something but then that ends with one of them wanting both. Any advice please!


Silvia - posted on 06/14/2014




I'm sorry if this post is offensive but every culture is different; my family is Mexican and I've never met a Mexican that thinks times outs have a purpose. I can tell you this; I wouldn't toletate my child treating out dog that way much less another child, much less my very own other child. Maybe you could think of other forms of discipline? One good strong spank on the bare thigh does wonders for us....well behave kids that know we mean business. Hope it helps.

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