Toddler Language Development?

Hayley Elizabeth - posted on 10/22/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




We adopted our daughter Amelia from China a little over 6 months ago. She has fitted perfectly into our lives however she is 21 months old and beginning to have tantrums.

We are raising her to be bilingual, and speak both english and chinese. However now she currently gets confused with words and gets upset and frustrated when we don't understand her.

I am also a bit worried whether her pacifier habit will affect her speech? I have taught her to take it out when she wants to talk so she isn't speaking around the pacifier.

by 21 months old, how much should a toddler be speaking? Amelia doesn't try to copy speech, she still baby babbles when playing, and the most she speaks is single words. occasionally adding "peese" when I tell her to use manners.


Sarah - posted on 10/22/2015




Give it time. She is not going to be like most 21 month olds. For 1 she is just learning a new language and if you are raising her bilingual it takes longer for those kids to "get" their speech. For 2 she came from an orphanage and foster home setting this alone is going to create delays. 6 months is really not that much time. Think about where you would be at trying to adult to a new family, a new country, a new culture, and then a new language.

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