toddler sharing room with newborn

Amanda - posted on 04/08/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




So i am due July 17 and i will have a 21 month old daughter. We live in a very small 2 bedroom place, and are trying to find a 3 bedroom house but are having probs. So since our room is way to small for a crib, or change table and dresser. I thought of maybe having the girls(having another baby girl) share a room. And during the day when Aaliyah plays in her room just get a bassinet, and have the baby in the living room in that so she can still play in her room.And not bother the baby. Also thought of maybe the baby will wake her up at night so maybe just have the crib and dresser in the bedroom and keep the bassenett in our room at night, if the baby wakes aaliyah up to much. then once she starts sleeping threw the night put her in Aaliyahs room in her clrib. Also her room is tinkerbell themed So should i take it all down and make it more baby toddler, or just leave it, and get a crib set that matches the colors in her room...


Kristin - posted on 08/26/2012




I only have one son who is two but I have a nice who is 5 months. they can never be alone together. my son will go up to her and try to pick her up, try to feed her food and give her small toys, cover her up with blankets over her face.....

he isn't trying to hurt her, he's trying to help. he sees her very often and we tell him no, but he loves to" help".

I would think againbefore putting such a small kid with a toddler.


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Ana - posted on 08/25/2012




Well, i'm in the same boat..

Daughter is 2yrs old and i'm 19 weeks preg.. they are going to share a room, but I will have the furniture in the kids room and the bassinet in our room until the baby is about 6-8months old..As far as the theme, I have not had anytime to actually make a theme for my daughter, so everything is kind of just in there, but I think I want to do a sheep in the pasture theme...if I have a boy and if another girl prob Hello Kitty..

Stephanie - posted on 04/08/2010




:) We did that! My twins were almost 5 when my youngest was born. We cleared out one little corner of their room for baby land.
The girls didn't mind, much. :) They slept right through the nighttime crying, and they napped together during the afternoon.
You'll just have to adjust your ideas of what baby things you'll need. Do you really need a separate changing table? could you make a changing station on top of her dresser or in your room? I like to change on the floor, so I got a fold-up changing mat. I put the diapers and supplies in a basket under her crib. Baby won't care about the decorations either. :) and likely, she'll like the Tinkerbell theme as much as your daughter does. :) my gal loves her sisters' princesses theme.

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I am due july 15th with my second and im moving into a 2 bedroom. I dont know what im having yet. I was going to put the bassinet in my room have the baby sleep w me till he or she is 6 months. Then put the baby in the room with the older sibling. My daughter is 16 months now. But if i have a boy ill have to find a 3 bedroom when the time comes of the children having their own room as toddlers. Nothing wrong with 2 girls sharing a room. Now if its a boy. You really cant have them in the same room for too long. But. I hope this helped you.

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we have the same problem. my oldest was 15 months when the baby arrived. my baby (tristyn) slept in our room in the bassinet until he was 5 months old and then he moved into the room with his older brother (christian). they are now 2 and 10 months and even though tristyn is still waking up at least once a night it never bothers christian. it has never woken him up...and now that tristyn is crawling they love playing in their room during the day!

and as far as the room theme...just leave it the same. christians room was car we left it that way and tristyns crib set is airplanes...not quite the same colors...but works good enough! : )

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I think your plan is a sound plan when you are stuck for space.

If you luck out and you newest baby girl is a great sleeper you may find you can sleep them together sooner then you think.

And as to room decoration, leave it. Why? Because currently it's your daughter's room and if you change it that much with a new baby arriving, she might feel like everything is all about the new baby.

Besides, tinkerbell works just as nicely for a baby girl as it does a toddler girl in my opinion. Good colors too and not hard to match either :)

Good luck! You are going to be a busy Mom when your newest arrives!

Sheryl - posted on 04/08/2010




we are self have a small two bedroom house. what i did was keep him at night in the room with us in a bassinet. untill he started to sleep longer hours. but like during the day if he sleep i would put them in the room and have my oldest out in the leaving room or the other way around. our son room is cars themed so what i did was just leave it and made sure there was nothing they can get hold of or be able to fall on them and hurt them. i just got stuff to somewhat look like. it not easy having it this way but it works.

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