Toddler sleeps less than I would like, or seems healthy.

Clyde - posted on 01/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




ok, this one is something I haven't read yet, so i'll ask. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old. We embraced that she was no longer taking naps, and goes to be at 10 every night, but then wakes up at 4, or just sleeps for 6 hours every single day. How? Is this bad? and what can I do to ensure she sleeps. we run around and play learning games during the day. I have tried to wear her out mentally and run around until she just wants to sit. And I have made sure dinner was filling. That's all I have thought of, any advise?


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Cecilia - posted on 01/06/2013




do you have a bedtime routine set up? By that i mean a very direct path of things that will be done in order to prepare for bed.

In our house it's dinner at 6, then play time until 7, get a drink and then time to relax and color with her big sister. 7:45 i start running the bath, while she eats a small snack.(usually something like a few pieces of cheese or crackers because i have a grazer for a child) She typically gets out of the bath around 8:20. Then she is dressed. She is allowed to run around and tell her older siblings goodnight. Then she gets her story time and the lights go off at 9pm. She then has her wind down time and is asleep by 10. (might also be because that is when the house becomes quiet because my teens are falling asleep then)

If dinner is late, it throws her whole night off and becomes and issue. She has some little magical clock in her head that tells her coloring time is not over just yet.

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I don't think that you have anything to worry about, although I am always one to suggest running anything out of the ordinary to your pediatrician just to be sure that they are kept in the loop and can check for anything that we may not know about. My son is pretty much the same way, he hates to sleep. For him, it's because he is so into knowing about everything that I think he feels like he is going to miss too much if he goes to sleep too long. He is 4 now and has never been one to sleep past about 7, and normally is up before the sun. I put him to bed by 8pm though because according to some things that I have read, some kids just need the private unwind time and even though it isn't sleep, it is rest which is good for our bodies. Try feeding her an earlier dinner, no later than 6 and then no more food, heavy drink or play after. I am sure this is hard if you work because you want to spend that time playing, but some kids just naturally take longer to wind down, and like us are different in the amounts of sleep they need. We want to encourage it in our kids though because this is the time we grow and absorb the day, it is important that kids have healthy sleep habits, but I wouldn't freak out over it. It could also be a phase and change in another month. Good luck to you.

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