Toddler table Manners

Karen - posted on 02/17/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




In my family, we always eat together at the same time. We don't watch tv at the table, play at the table and we all sit there until everyone is done. My son is 20 months old and follows this pattern.. Until we go to his fathers house. His half sister is allowed to get down from the table whenever she wants and plays with toys while eating. At 20 months, he wants to copy her. She also doesn't sit properly at the table and sits on her knees. I try to keep the routine at their house but he ends up being frustrated because she gets down to play with him in the middle of the meal and runs around the table. Their family says I'm fighting a lost cause and it's unnecessary so I should just let him do whatever. The problem is he brings these terrible manners back home For the day and it is beyond frustrating to have to go through this weekly. Help please!


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Cleaver - posted on 02/18/2013




it was like this with my family my moms side we all sat down and on holidays would wait to start eating until grace was said then when we were done wed stay at the table until desert, but at my fathers parents my cousins weren't told to wait until grace to eat and between dinner and desert they were allowed to get up and play (on christmas look under the tree to see what was theres something else we werent allowed to do) let me tell you it is equally as frustrating for your son as you

Kayla Marie - posted on 02/18/2013




My kids dad lets them do what ever they want at dinner, i know it is stressful trying to get both of our toddlers to sit and eat together but it is possible and moms seem to be good at breaking kids habits. When my kids get back from their dads or anyone who does not listen to how their routines are I pick them up before nap time so they can come home and sleep in their rooms their home and start getting in the routine their. Then after nap time its time to go potty ( i basically keep the on going schedule) by dinner they usually know what they are doing. They realize oh we are home now and with mommy we need to behave..I tried to ask their father to get them on a nice routine so life could be a little easier and he could see them longer but his excuses they are kids...Well yes they are and they learn more now then any other point in their life...they create morals now and individuality. I think because they get home earlier and take a nap it really helps them, they can calm down and unwind and wake up a little crazy sometimes but it is defiantly a lot better then before. It works for my babies and all kids are different so if it helps yay if not maybe it will someone else

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