toddler tantrums

Rachel - posted on 07/13/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




my daughter is 28 months, a few months before Christmas last year she started having these tantrums. we had assumed she had started her terrible twos early but now its not even little tantrums. she has a fit about everything and when I say fit I mean to say she will hit me, scratch me down my face and scream as loud as she can to the point that I have to take her to another room before she starts to hyperventilate. these fits she is having isn't over anything in particular. it ranges from a grandparent saying hello to her, me or her father asking her if she is hungry or being in a social situation such as a family cookout. she never did this when she was younger, she loved everyone and would go spend two or three hours next door with my in-laws, but now its hit-n-miss if she likes anyone that day. as far as the scratching and hitting, it is limited to only me. if she has a fit with her dad holding her she just cries but the scratching me has gotten really bad, and keeping her nails cut short doesn't seem to be helping. mostly I hear that she will grow out of it but I've never seen a toddler act this way. has anyone had these problems or have any advice? please help!!

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