Toddler travel carseat, sleep on plane and more?

Susan - posted on 05/09/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm full of the questions today...

Travelling from Toronto and stopping over in Dubai on a lonnnng flight home with my 21 month old because my dad's ill. And don't have a lot of time to research all this so hoping some of you will have the answers.

1. Do you all take your toddler car seats with you on your trips? Found a light-ish one to buy here and am happy to because it takes the guess work out of things but do they let you take it on the flight with you when you dont have an extra seat? Wondering if I can take it in as hand luggage (have a bag and can pack some other stuff in it and skip hand luggage, barring my purse). Has anyone done this?
2. The last long flight we took she freaked out and screamed for 8 out of 14 hours so i'm quite concerned. I think it was her ears. They bother her even normally and wax builds up easy. Any tips for how to prevent a scream fest and soothe any ear troubles, as well as keep her entertained? She doesnt take a soother, cant be made to drink things unless she wants to. Entertainment wise i'm taking an iPad and a few toys but she bores easy and is hyper energetic like most toddlers!
3. And the big question, how do you get your LOs to sleep? Mine needs total darkness and white noise and no distraction AND takes an hour to wind down to sleep and can keep going if things don't add up for her *shudder*
4. Has anyone given their LOs anything natural to help sleep? Don't judge me. I've tried an antihistamine for a cold before but she seems to be one of the 1% that gets hyperactive with it! Has anyone done Boiron Quietude? Tried it once as well for her night wake ups during illness and teething together, and gave up because i couldn't find clear instructions on how to use it.

Thanks ahead!


Sarah - posted on 05/10/2013




Not sure if I can help much on the sleep or entertainment. Those are hard ones for that age. Sometimes what helps is having certain toys that are only for travel. So if there are somethings that you think she might like that you can keep just for when you travel that may keep her attention a bit longer. Snacks are another thing that can be helpful at keeping them busy for a few minutes......this can also help for the ears. I know the eating and drinking are on their terms, so all you can do is try. Maybe keeping some of her favorite treats for those take off and landing times.

For sleep maybe a blanket over her for darkness....I think this will be determinded on if she is willing to keep it over her or not. Not sure what else to say for the sleep thing as I know how hard that is and how much is detereminded on what they are willing to do.

For the car seat if you are not buying an extra seat you can have the car seat checked when you check your bags. The car seat and stroller are free and don't count as one of your bags. Strollers can be checked at the check in counter or at the gate. You will need to get a tag for both, but both are free to travel. If you are doing an extra seat and wanting to use a car seat there are only certain car seats that are airline approved. You can find them at any store that carries car seats, but you just have to do your research before hand to know which ones will work. Usually they are the heavier car seats. That is ONLY if you are wanting your child to sit in the car seat on the plane. If you check the car seat then it does not matter if it is airline approved or not.

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