toddler who won't nap without hysterics first

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My son has always been a great sleeper; we could put him down for a nap or bedtime, give him his favourite stuffed toy, and he'd drop off to sleep.

The last three weeks, he's been hysterical when we put him down to sleep at nap time. He'll thrash around the crib, shaking the sides, and yelling for mama or his nanny. He's not teething, and is in good spirits at all other times of the day. We've tried moving his nap a bit later, to make sure he's really tired when we put him down. We've tried going in to calm him and re-lay him down and we've tried not going in at all, consistently, to let him "cry it out" - but this kids has stamina! He'll wail for an hour.

I don't want to go down the slippery slope of rocking him to sleep or holding him.

Any suggestions? Has anyone else's toddler done this?

Please tell me it's a short phase!


Kristi - posted on 12/02/2010




It's probably just a short phase :)
Mine have gone through that from time to time. They're just testing me to see if I'll let them get out of napping. If i give in they are usually overly tired by evening time. My 5 year old still takes a nap most days. If you give in after an hour of crying, he'll cry an hour and a half next time. They learn quickly how long it takes to win a battle. Try letting him cry until he goes to sleep for several days in a row. Within a few days he won't bother screaming if he isn't getting any reward for it. Keep yourself calm (atleast on the outside) when you put him down for his nap.


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