Toddlers and Ant Bites

Jen - posted on 02/27/2009 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is 15 months and has gotten bitten by several ants at day care. Each of her little hands has about 10 bites either. They told her grandparents who picked her up yesterday that she found an ant bed and stuck her hand in it. However last week she got bit for the first time (5 little bites on her pinky) and they told me that they were going to spray and that they had sprayed since then. My husband told me to leave the first set alone and they were starting to go away before she got the rest of these bites yesterday. I went ahead and tried to pop on today and she cried when I did it. I don't know if there's something I can put on them (that she won't lick off), if I should leave them alone, or if I should pop them. I'm looking for any advice anyone has. Thanks.

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