Toddlers first days in preschool

Deeeeeee - posted on 09/17/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I need help or just encouragement. Returning to work Jan2013 and have started my DD (turning 2 next week) in preschool for 4 mornings a week. Up till now shes been at home with me, or staying at a friends place if need be.

Weve had two visits this week and this is what happenned:

Day 1: she walks in herself and seems to play a bit, although shes a bit shy and skittish. after 1/2 hour in the room i say good buy and leave. Half an hour later, school rings to ask if i could come back, shes not coping. i get there and shes crying and she just clings onto me.

Day 2: she does not want to walk in and i carry her in. She wants to be held the whole time and struggles to settle into playing. After an hour she seems good and i say good buy, she waves and blow me kisses. I leave the room to go to another room for a while to teach her that ill be back. She cries on and of for about a half an hour untill i return

I came home and shes in heaven. Now ive packed away most of her toys to try and make the house super boring so that she will find preschool with all the toys exciting?Not sure if this is right, but it seems logical. please help


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