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I have a friend that has a 4 year old son he is also my Godson she also has a 5 month year old baby boy. She works hard she is a single mom and the dads of both sons dads don't really count for much. However me and my husband noticed the few times we've had him he says disrespectful things while playing with our daughter example " Shutup" "Your Stupid" "I will slap you" We also caught him telling our 3 year old to kiss him on the lips. Now we had a talk with him and I did speak to his mom about it and she spoke to him about it in front of me. But he did it again recently I also caught him mushing my daughters head. I do discipline him when he is over but how do I talk to her about this without it looking like I am telling her how to be a parent?


Raye - posted on 04/06/2016




Keep letting the child know that his behavior will not be tolerated in your house, and then separate him from your daughter until he can "play nice". I would tell the mother that you will need to stop watching him if he's going to act inappropriately. The child is obviously picking up that behavior from somewhere, and it's definitely not good for him to be exposed to it or to mimic it. A call to child protective services might not be a bad idea either, so they can investigate and try to remedy the home situation.

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