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I have to travel from USA to India with my child who is one year old . so what things should I keep in mind and should carry with me like food, stroller or car seat etc. I don't know what things are allowed in plane for kids? this is my first time to travel with my baby.
please suggest me .
thanks a lot in advance.


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i would being some little toys, ur babys snacks, food for the baby the more u bring to carry the more stressed out you will be try to fit everything u can in one bag so your not trying to remember , everything you know purse, diaper bag car seat stroller is alot to have i would check the stroller and seat ( unless u have a seat for the baby,) and put your purse in the bag with your babys things ooooo A BIG thing being medication for your baby there ears will hurt when they get up in the air and maybe gum for you lol and meds to that long in a plane lol ive been on i plane with a baby for 12 hours the mom didnt being half the stuff and ive also took a 2 year old boy on a train and buss for 30 hours lol have fun

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a car seat is a must. diapering and food items are good to have. you don't necessarily need a stroller but that just depends on if you want more stuff or are ok carrying your child. you can purchase a seat for your child and put the car seat there (if it is aviation certified, should say so in the manual) or you can check the car seat. good luck in your travels!


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