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I will soon have to take a 22hour plane journey with my 2 year old. Kind of nervous about it, he probably won't like sitting for that long, who knows if he will sleep on the plane, it will probably be a night flight. I have been dreading this, before I had kids I used to hate flying when you are sitting near a bawling child, and now it's gonna be my turn :) any tips on making traveling with an active toddler less stressful for everyone? He's a good boy and he's usually pretty calm but he likes his freedom to move around, usually after about 2 hours in his car seat he's had enough. I've been trying to make a big deal about how cool planes are, bought him a special little suitcase to take on the plane, he has some small toys and books to take with him, he'll have coloring stuff and his leap pad. Anyone have some advice for me?


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We've always found it helpful to use car seats on the plane. It made the kids think of it more like a car ride and so they expected to stay in their seats. They were also more likely to sleep in the carseats than in a chair that they didn't fit properly and they were more content because they were sitting up higher.

In general, the trip usually goes better than you expect. Moms dread the flight, and it's not that bad even if there are a few tense moments.

With a flight that long I imagine there will be an in flight entertainment system. They usually have at least one kids channel, but not headphones for kids. If you think he'll want to watch cartoons bring your own headset that fits him.

A small cookie sheet with magnets or magnetic toys makes a good travel toy.

Bring lots of snacks, but try to pick things that aren't messy. With toddlers I would do lots of things like cereal and raisins that were slow to eat. I'd spread them out so they'd have to pick them up one at a time. Or we'd play the shell came and they'd eat one cereal puff when they found it, and then we'd play the game again. Drag stuff out.

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