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Hannah - posted on 04/06/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




How long would you recommend my 2 year old to watch TV everyday? I usually only like to put on educational shows, so do any of you have any suggestions? I've heard a lot about TVOKids but I'm not sure. Advice would be wonderful!!


Raye - posted on 04/07/2016




TV and electronic devices, even when trying to use them for education, have also been shown to stimulate the area in the brain that is linked to "instant gratification". Especially with any kind of game on electronics, the child gets instant rewards when they complete levels or get the right answer. There's flashy lights and sounds that excite them. This can make kids instantly more frustrated when they don't get the right answer or don't complete the level, and they end up more moody in general when they don't get their way in other areas of life. The total for all screen time should be less than 2 hours a day (including any usage during school).

Good old-fashioned learning through play can still be enjoyable and educational, but usually doesn't create the extreme ups and downs in the brain to adversely affect overall mood. When you play with your child, you praise them for doing well, which does make them happy (and they learn to please YOU by doing well instead of getting meaningless flashy lights and a chemical high from electronic games). But when they don't do well, you can talk to them about it and keep them from having a strong negative reaction. You teach them to cope with disappointment, and they can't get that lesson from TV or electronics.


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