Two year old speech patterns?

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My son is 25 months and has excellent speech. He has always had a far greater vocabulary than what I read is "normal", and people are always commenting on how clearly he speaks for a child his age.  But two days ago he began stuttering words beginning with "S". When he first began talking he could say S's fine in the middle or end of words, but wouldn't say them at the beginning of words. However, it didn't take him long at all to get it, and he has been saying these words correctly for at least six months. Until now. Now suddenly story is "s-s-story", stop is "s-s-stop", snow is "s-s-snow", and so on. It's not all S words, just some. And he doesn't make a big deal as if he's doing it for attention or to be silly. I'm just wondering if this is a normal phase toddlers go through. I'm very confused why it's all the sudden when he's never had a problem with these words before. I don't think it's a stuttering problem, because it's specific to only S words, and he doesn't seem to be struggling with the words...more like just repetition for repetition's sake. He does have a lot of little OCD type tendencies, so maybe he's just taken a liking to the sound of the S and wants to repeat it before moving on with the rest of the word?? I don't know. Anyone have any thoughts or insight on this?


Jennifer - posted on 11/28/2011




He probably needs to slow down his thoughts. Sounds like he's thinking faster than he can speak. My son repeats b sounds like ba-boat, ba-bike. My nephew blinks a lot doing the same thing. My brother sticks out his toungue when he's concentrating, my husband scrunches his brow. I think it's the same kind of thing but in kids because words and full sentences / thoughts are new concepts. It's brain overflow. I read that somewhere. If you're worried ask your doctor because mom always knows best. Trust your instincts.


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Heather - posted on 11/29/2011




You need to NOT let him be OCD about things and change things up a bit. It sounds to me like he is doing it to be silly? Maybe he saw a cartoon where the characters were doing this? Don't let him be OCD. If you don't Nip that now, it will only get worse. So don't always let him read the same books, watch the same movie, drink out of the same cup, etc. It's not good for 2 year olds to do that.

Laney - posted on 11/28/2011




I'm not a speech therapist or any kind of expert, but our daughter went through something similar at the same age. She started stuttering almost everything. We tried not to get stressed about it, and definitely didn't say the words for her. She grew out of it in a couple of months. I truly believe it was just a spurt in her development and her speech couldnt keep up with all that was going on in her little brain!

Karen - posted on 11/28/2011




I think it's a normal phase. My oldest son started stuttering certain sounds and words. He did grow out of it. It was like he was thinking faster than he was speaking. If you are concerned it doesn't hurt to ask his pediatrition or a speech pathologist.

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