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Hello All! :)

So, I'm a Mom of one child, a girl, who is now two and a half years old. Shes a handful, indeed, and her all-time favorite word is "no." She says a few things, and is learning more and more, but I'm worried her language development isnt quite up to par for her age group. She can put together two words like "My Jane" (thats her name) and three words like "What you doing?" I couldnt even count how many words she knows... But I just worry that she might not be speaking as much as she should.. We read to her, talk to her, sing with her, play with her. We even play a "repeat after me" game where I go "Jane say Mommy" and she'll go "Mommy" etc etc.. She also responds to questions we ask her like "are you Mommy's girl" or "Are you hungry?" or "Do you want a snack" or my favorite "Is it bedtime yet?" to whcih the answers usually are "mhm yup" "yes" "yes" and "uh huh NO!" I worry because, when I was her age, even a little older at three and a half, I wasnt speaking well or properly.. I had to go to speech therapy, and well I just dont want to make the mistakes my parents did with me. Is she on the right track?

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It sounds to me like she is on the right track. Google the language development for that age and it will tell you about where she should be. But all children are different. My son was speaking in full sentences by the time he was 1 and a half, while my daughter who is 17 months will only say a couple of words IF she feels like it. But she responds to anything you tell her or if you ask her to do something. She also rambles off with her "baby babble". The only words she says are milk, some, and something that I am assuming is "what's that?". She also says some names- her grandads name, her brother's name, and sometimes da (daddy). I asked the doctor about it and she said it's perfectly normal, as long as she responds when spoken to, all kids are different. Hope this helps! :-)


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