Visitation for 14-month-old

Gwendolyn - posted on 07/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 14 months old and I go to court in about a month with my child's father for custody/parenting time. I'm basically a nervous wreck and need some input from others who have been through it. My sons father abounded me when I was 2 weeks preg...did not respond to me at all while I was pregnant except to say he wanted nothing to do with us. My sons grandparents became involved when he was 4 months old, but still his father was absent. Finally, when he was 9 months old, I filed for custody and support. Only then, did the father decide he should get visitation. He started out with the 2 days a week (6 hours each) which we agreed upon. Less that 2 months later, I get hit with papers from his lawyer, saying he wants 50/50 custody.

Basically, I want to know if that can happen?? My son is so young, he breastfeeds and sleeps with me. Our home is the only one hes ever known and I fear the stress of so much change will harm him. Please help...what's a normal arrangement for babies who have no relationship with their father??? Thanks!!


Krystal-Tess - posted on 07/20/2013




i'm not really sure. i hope it all works out. honestly you should feel lucky that he even wants to be involved. my sons father hasnt bothered to see him in 8 years.
good luck!

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