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Courtney - posted on 05/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




this is kind of long but i'll try to sum it up the best i can. my fiance has a son that will be 5 in october and the mother is not very nice they have been broken up over 4 years but she can't move on so she hurts him the only way she knows how by using their son. She won't let him see him for months at a time unless she wants to go out she tells his son to hate him and that his daddy doesn't love him that's why he won't be with his mommy. We recently filed to get visitation agreement in writing and legal she found out he filed so she hurried up and moved out of state, she originally said he can't see his son because him and his family are trash but now her mom is saying it's because we live together and and as long as we aren't married the child can't sleep at our house she is claimign that's the law. has anyone ever heard of that being true? i would understand if i was a threat or had a terrible record but i have a degree, a stable job, full custody of my son, and own my own house. i have made it clear i am not trying to play mommy just like my finace is not trying to play mommy to my son. my fiance just wants his visits with him every other weekend, holidays, and a couple weeks during summer. she is making the a lot harder than it has to be because of pure jealousy that he doesn't want her.


Amy - posted on 05/02/2013




Well it's his custody battle to fight. If she doesn't want her son sleeping over if you aren't married that's her right, doesn't mean a judge will agree. Hopefully you'll be able to come to an agreement in mediation, it isn't going to help her that she left the state after she was served papers. Oh and I would stop contact with her mom at this point I would just document everything and wait for the court date.

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