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my little one wakes twice during night for milk i tried the method of reducing formula and giving more water but shes more hungry and cries for milk how do i stop it
she drinks milk only once at night abt 300ml and when shes sleeping at night during day she doesnt drink milk.what other substitutes can i give her.


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How old is your little one? If she is a newborn, waking twice a night for milk is normal and what she should be doing. You should not be giving her water or anything else...only milk(if she is a newborn). If she is 6 months or older it is still not uncommon for babies to wake at night for a feeding when they are going through growth spurts. To make sure she is waking due to hunger offer other things to soothe her first (pacifier, rock, rub back, blanket, etc.) Also don't tend to her immediately....wait a few minutes to see if she settles herself. Babies will often wake as they go through the sleep cycle and sometimes they fuss for a few minutes before going back to sleep on their own. If she is over that age of 12 months then it is ok to substitute with water at night as she should not need the milk at night and it might be more of a habit.

For day time she should be drinking milk...again how much will depend on her age. If she is a newborn she will be drinking about every 1-3 hrs, and nothing other then milk should be given. At 6 months milk should still be the number one liquid, drinking about every 3-4 hrs during the day. At 6 months you can also give water or juice, but it should not replace a milk feeding and the water or juice should not be more then 4 ounces. 12 months and over solids now become your child's main source of nutrition and milk intake should be about 12 ounces daily.

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