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Amanda - posted on 08/20/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is only four and I hace to laugh cause this morning I laid out a dress for her to go to the beach in and she said I don't want to wear a dress, I want a shirt. So I said okay and got something else out for her. She came into my room whining, I said what's wrong?! She said everyone will think I'm weird in these shorts! I couldn't help but to laugh. So I told her that she knows where her clothes are and she could change if she wanted to. Then she came back into my room with a different shirt and said, do you think this one is cute?! She cracks me up! I just thought I would share that funny story and ask who else has fashion forward daughter who don't want to look "weird"?


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Amy - posted on 08/20/2009




lol!! my daughter just turned 2 a little over a week ago. the other day we were getting ready to go out and i had on her some dark blue jeans and a cute little white tanktop/blouse thing with a pink flower on it. i went over and got her pink sandals for her to wear, and she saw them and said "no mommy" took them from me, put them back on the shoerack. picked up her white sandals brought them over to me and said "white sandals match mommy, see??" and then pointed to her white shirt... LOL it was the cutest thing!!! :)

Stephanie - posted on 08/20/2009




well, my daughter is only 3, but she still insists on choosing her own clothes. I don't think she has a concept of what "cute" and "weird" is. but she certainly knows that dresses are for princesses. lol.

Sometimes we have to compromise ie:she will choose a dress and a t shirt, so we have to choose one. Her famous choice was Montreal Canadians jersey + barbie lace under shirt + Yellow skirt + Dora Crocs. She was a hit at Play group that day. lol

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