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I was just wanting some opinions on my situation. I am over weight since i had my first child and i just cant seem to get the weight off. Well, my son is now 18 months old and my husband and i would love to have another one next summer. But im afraid that if i get pregnant and have a baby at the weight that i am now, that it could be even worse for me later on. What do you think, I am so ready for another baby, but weight wise im not, and im afraid that if i wait, that the weight will never go away and ill just be waiting and waiting and never get anywhere with myself and having another baby.. please i need some advice and to hear some others stories that have been in the same situation!!



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W/#1 I started out @ 140ish, gained 60lbs :( and lost 30 initially w/his birth (7-2006), bringing me down to 170. I maintained this weight for 1 yr while breastfeeding (7-2007). After which I jumped back up to 185. By Feb 08 I still had not really tried to do anything to lose the weight. So I bought an exercise bike and started writing down what I was eating. Something about writing it down makes you account for it better. I would ride 5 miles/dy and would drink a glass of water before eating (to help fill my tummy) I would watch my portion sized and incorporated alot of vegetables & fruit in my meals. I had a salad 2x/dy w/my food or maybe a large one for lunch or dinner. Then I started going back to work in May and quit doing all the riding and couldn't look at a salad for over a year! But working helped me kick the weight, since before I was SAHM. I dropped down to 165 (still 25lbs over) I also wanted to lose the weight before babe #2 but didn't kick the last of it... A friend of mine said she didn't get back down to her prebaby weight until her son was 3, so had a waited it is entirely possible I would have kicked it?

Anyways I'm currently pregnant, started out @ 165 this time, and last week @ 36 wks weighed 189. So I have gained less weight w/this pregnancy, although I've heard others that gained more w/#2 then #1? I think a good portion of this was because when I had #1 we ate out alot and after him we started eating @ home more. Well w/#2 greasy food was just NOT appetizing? And I also know better NOW that just because I'm pregnant does NOT give me the right to be a pig! So that has all helped me in my weight this time around! Even if I hit 200 (which would be CRAZY considering i only have a month to go) That is 20lbs less then I gained w/the first one!!!

To make sure the weight goes away you need to be actively doing something to lessen it! At 18 mos w/#1 I know I was NOT actively doing anything! And it was at that point that I buckled down & started to take care of it. I don't know where you are at weight wise, but heavier women have a tendency to lose weight w/pregnancy. I just read a new guideline for healthy weight increase w/baby and an obese woman was not supposed to gain more then 15 lbs. So IDK? If you get pregnant just make sure you are making healthy food choices and exercise! Do a lot of walking w/your little one???


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To get rid of my post-pregnancy weight and belly pooch, I started drinking Mummy magic weight loss tea three time daily and within two and half months, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and body shape.

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As a former dancer, I've learned about how to get rid unwanted weight. Do you exercise and eat healthy? If not then that's the beginning to getting your weight down. Cut down on fatty foods (no fast foods and drink LOTS of water and cut down on soda). If you overeat or eat when you're not hungry (when you're excited, depressed, bored, etc.) then that makes it worse. I've known people that do a lot of muscle strengthening and conditioning that still have a gut until I mentioned to take cardio kickboxing. If you can go to a YMCA (that's where I used to take it) or get a Billy Blanks dvd or something it'll go a long way. Find a time of day that works for you: either do it before your kid wakes up, right after they go to bed, or if you're out of time just put them in their high chair or crib and play the dvd right in front of them! (i've done it! :) But most of all you need to be consistent about it. Don't think about it as a new diet (i hate that word) more than it is a new way of life. You HAVE to be consistent about it no matter what: even during Christmas time :) , even if you get to your weight goal, keep eating healthy and exercising or else the weight will return. Hope this helps!

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i only have 1 daughter but after i gave birth i was over a stone lighter than before i got pregnant - did a lot of walking and ate healthily during my pregnancy so being pregnant shouldn't make you put weight on! But plz be sensible cuz i certainly didn't go hungry or starve myself - i followed the slimming world eating plan - you eat extra when pregnant - since i gave birth i find it harder to do - good luck!

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Don't worry it will. just wait after ur nxt baby. try breastfeeding for a long time. it helped me.

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Hey, well I weighed 74kg before I was pregnant, I put on a lot of weight while I was pregnant almost 12kg. My little boy is 19 months now and I weigh 76kg. I can't seem to shift that last bit.
I wouldn't worry about your weight now if your planning on having another baby because you may put on some more weight with the new pregnancy.
If it were me, I'd just wait until after the new baby's born and then really concentrate on shifting the weight xx

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