What activities do you do with your toddler?

Rachel - posted on 10/17/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




What kinds of activites do you do with your toddler?
-arts n crafts
how do you spend quality time with your toddler ...?


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Mary - posted on 07/30/2014




These days me and my kids usually do Park, library (Buena Vista in Burbank is great and it has story time!), mommy & me classes: music, (www.musictogether.com) Spanish (www.sonrisas.us), drums, they all offer wonderful classes! Play dates and swimming lessons.

[deleted account]

I do different things with him depending on weather and time. I read to him, play cars with him, take him to the play place or swimming, take him to the mall and walk around with him.

Brittney - posted on 01/15/2012




I have a 1 year old, if you want to get technical 16 months, the only play dates my daughter gets are with newborn babies, a 2 month old, a four month old, rarely a 8 month old, and every once in a while a 2 year old. I have her scribble on paper when she hands me her crayons, she watches a little bit of PBS Kids and I sing and dance to the music and sometimes she joins in with babble and bouncing, we read up to 20 books a day, she helps make 'baby trail mix' (cheerios, teddy grahams, dried cranberries, raisins), we go for walks to the library (when its nice), watch movies together, play with all her toys, tickles, go to the store to help me pick what food to buy,.

Pam - posted on 10/23/2011




I have a 2.5 yr old and a 4 month old so I spend time with them both. I bring both to playgroup 3-4 times a week where I teach my toddler sharing and I allow her to explore, I`m there to help guide her until she knows how to use most of the crafts and develops good social skills before preschool. Also the baby watches everything we do, so she is exposed to a healthy and very different environment. Plus I get to talk to other mothers once in a while and get out. I also take them to starbucks and get my toddler some juice and cookies while I drink a half-cafe and have a breakfast sandwich, we sit there and enjoy time together while babies occupied with looking at another environment. I also take them to the park where baby watches the changing trees or watches us playing, we hold hands and run around the play structure sometimes, and she makes me go down the slide with her lol.... I also get to encourage her to climb different ladders and workout, sometimes when I feel like filling in the time we go for walks while I take pictures of tree`s and birds and we point at them and say what they are.... they also get lots of fresh air and learn. At home, I have flash cards and I use them to refresh her memory of numbers, abc`s, and fruits and veggies. We color together, but I try to encourage her to color by herself because if I`m there she wants me to do all the coloring and gets mad if I don't.... I want her to learn for herself, we paint, play with stickers... and we read together at night, and we eat together at the table at dinner.

Vicki - posted on 10/23/2011




We go out to a few things a week, playgroups, friend's houses. At home I sometimes play with him, read a bit, but most of the time I do my thing and he 'helps' me. So with cooking he measures, pours, stirs etc. I make bread so I usually give him some dough to make his own small piece of bread. Cleaning, tidying up I give him his own cleaning cloths or a small broom. Gardening - he has a small watering can he uses, he loves to spread out leaves after I sweep them up and dig out pots after I've just planted them (soooo not helpful but oh well). Washing the car is great fun now it's getting warmer. Haven't done that much arts and crafts yet, just crayons and painting a couple of times.

When I'm being lazy (like right now) he watches a show or two on iView and I do internet stuff. We have an iMac so I can have iView and net going on the same screen. I find it better than the tv because the tv just keeps going, before I know it it's been on for hours!

Rachel - posted on 10/22/2011




I have 2 kids one toddler and one 6 month old baby and together they have a ton of fun giggling all the time :P we have regular playdates where we meet other moms and the kids get to play together. we do arts n crafts, learn new sports because our daughter LOVES sports :P we bake a lot too because she wants to do everything mommy is doing :) we've baked cakes, cupcakes, cookies and lots more. my daughter even helps me cook dinner (all the prep before the over etc) and she loves spending any time she can with mommy :) both my kids hae their tickle fights with daddy every morning :P my daughter loves to read and is learning to write her alphabet and she is honestly addicted to it ;P getting her to stop is the trouble when she loves something! :P

Hana - posted on 10/20/2011




watercolours, crayons, paperwork- scizzors, preparing koláž, fix painting on the board, beading with big pearls; flower care - leting him to water them, feeding our car, combing her; swimming, going out to play fooball, taking scooter, doing bubbles, collecting castans or making pics (he has his own camera from ELC), what else, duplo building, cooking (baking cakes); dancing, singing, reading :D

Victoria - posted on 10/19/2011




we have play dates we do arts and crafts together we go to different parks and play places, we also bake together and cook together and more

[deleted account]

on the weekends, i bring him swimming or to the park. during the week it's mostly at bedtime that i get quality time, so i lie with him in my bed while he drinks his milk (he is still on sippy cup) and read him his story. I also lie with him for his first cup of milk in the morning

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