what age did everyone start potty training??


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Larissa Ann - posted on 01/18/2016




she became intereated in pottys early but when she was around 19 months or so took our little girl out for a "big girl night". she picked out dinner. Picked the movie we watched. And picked her own big girl panties. Now we told her many times before that this was coming. that one day she would never wear diapers again. no matter how many times she pee-peed or poo-pooed. now there's another factor that helped majorly. every time she had an accident. accidental or not, she had to clean it up herself. she was given a mixing bowl half full of warm water and dish soap. and when the time arised she had too scrub up her mess. and I would empty the bowl for her and have her hand wash her undies and clothing that were messed. it only took about four or five pee pee washes and one diarrhea incident for her to completely potty train. never looked back. hope this helps. was around 19 months or so.

Brooke - posted on 09/16/2009




I run a daycare and i start kids at 19 months to potty train. They are usually potty trained by 2 years old.

April - posted on 09/16/2009




We started potty training my daughter around 2 and a half. She is doing really good. She wears big girl panties during the day and diapers at night. Her 3rd birthday is in December, I hope to have her fully trained by then.

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