What age to start time-outs?


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Jennifer - posted on 04/24/2009




When my little one does something timeout worthy whoever is in charge and sees the action being done takes her to the same spot in the house (on the kitchen floor in front of the microwave) and tells her she is in timeout and sets the microwave timer for 1 minute per year of age. We do not talk or interact with her while she is there. When the timer goes off we tell her why she was in timeout and make sure she gives us an apology and a hug. This has worked for us so we will continue it.

Holly - posted on 04/23/2009




Thanks...sounds like my daughter is at the correct age. I have also heard 1 minute per year child is in age too. I cannot imagine trying to keep my daughter in time out for more than that : ) It would be nearly impossible.

Tiffanie - posted on 04/22/2009




One thing I learned about time out is that you let them there one minute for every year they are. For a toddler, they don't understand time, so to them 3 minutes is FOREVER and by the time out is over, they forgot why they were there. So just be careful you don't sit them in there for too long. I also think that as soon as they understand the word "no" you can start time out, because at that point they know they are doing something that they aren't supposed to. But again, I would be careful on the amount of time you put them on time out.

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My son is 26 months and we started doing time outs a little after 18 months. He did not understand at first but now we have established the bottom row of our stairs as his "time out" place and whenever we tell him to go sit in time out on the steps he understands that he is in trouble...he usually puts up a fight and sometimes we have to sit with him but we make him sit there for at least 5 minutes (which sometimes feels like forever!) Whatever you do, be consistent!!!!

[deleted account]

My son is 18 months old and we just started doing time outs a week ago. It got to the point that saying "Owie, don't hit, that hurts Mommy" wasn't helping anymore. He's not supposed to touch the tv. But when I would see him over there getting ready to and say "Noooo Jacob, don't touch" he would walk away but 2 seconds later he was looking over his shoulder to see if I was watching while he was trying to touch the buttons...that's when I knew that it was time for time out. He still doesn't get it yet, but I know he knows that his "naughty chair" is where he goes when he doesn't listen. I give him a 3 count, After he's done something 3 times that I've told him not to do, it's naughty chair time. The hard part for me is being consistent and choosing which "offenses" deem naughty chair worthy. Not every "offense" means he has to go to time out so we're still working our way through that one.

Tracy-ann - posted on 04/19/2009




i do time outs with my 2 year old i started at 18 months they don't quite get the consept of it right away but they catch on real fast.

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