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Danielle - posted on 07/16/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




What are some of the signs that a toddler is ready for potty training? My 23 month old little girl will not leave her diaper on, she says peepee in the potty so i go and put her on her potty but she doesn't do anything. Is this just a phase or should I buy her some panties and begin potty training?


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Jen - posted on 07/18/2009




My daughter has been interested in the potty since about 13 months of age. We let her sit on the potty and if she goes she goes if not oh well. For the past couple of months she has actually wanted to stay on the potty until she goes. It usually ends up being about 20 minutes before she goes, but she doesn't want to get up. She just made the realization that it's her pee-pee in her potty and mommy's in my potty. She also figured out that she can make herself tinkle. We still keep her in diapers, but on days that I plan on taking her to the potty every hour or so I put her in a pull up. She still hasn't made the connection that she should only pee-pee in the potty and not her diaper or pull up. She's only 19 months so we aren't hard core training, but I plan on putting her in her cloth trainers tomorrow to see if she recognizes when she is wet. It sounds like your daughter is probably ready to try training. Don't be discouraged if she doesn't take to it right away, but she'll start to learn soon enough.

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Start now....she's telling you she's ready. Be happy she's saying peepee in the potty. My son is 3 and I'm fighting to get him to go in the potty

Chey - posted on 07/16/2009




By all means if she's ready go for it!! Just remember to take her often and always first thing after waking up and before eating =)

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I'd start trying. Sounds like she is definitely interested. You have to keep putting her on the potty and letting her have that "practice time". My son sits on the potty for 10 or 15 minutes at a time (every hour) and has only peed once in the potty. We keep trying! I really want to get him potty trained before preschool in the fall. He talks about it all the time and is definitely interested. I have bought potty movies and books that we read and watch. He likes the Elmo potty time dvd. Good luck.

Destany - posted on 07/16/2009




Begin potty training! My daughter did the same thing she could even put her own diaper on. Shes definitely ready just be patient and be ready for a few accidents.

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