What can I do about my family constantly getting involved?

Diana - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have a three year old son and right now because of my financial situation we live with my mother, my two brothers and my one brother's girlfriend. My mom and brother's and even my brother's girlfriend go against my wishes constantly. I will be right there and instead of letting me discipline my child they will tell him what he is doing is wrong and they constantly tell me how to parent my child by this I mean they have something negative to say about every little thing I do with MY child for example they will say things like you shouldn't be feeding him that, he should be in bed earlier, he should be listening more than he is, he shouldn't be watching tv and my mom will act like she need's to tell me what to do with my son like she is constantly saying don't forget you need to give him a bath, don't forget to brush his teeth, don't forget to give him his vitamins and she will even call home from work to make sure he is okay and if he is sick she won't even go to work they are really starting to drive me crazy like I feel so uncomfortable in my home and my son is now picking up on their behavior because he is disrespecting me and talking to me the way they do saying things like Mommy why you so nasty? Mommy why you so mean? He will call me stupid and tell me he isn't my best friend anymore, He will hit me and pull my hair and he's just gotten really out of control. I talked to my family once before about how I feel and told them I would feel more comfortable if when I am around I am the one discipling him as I feel they don't even give me a chance to and I would like to be the only one putting him in time out if I am right there and can see what he is doing is wrong but it's like what I asked them went right over their heads and if anything it's gotten worse not better..what should I do in this situation?


Deanna - posted on 10/11/2012




Move out! They are disrespecting you, and you are disrespecting yourself. Once you get him out of that situation and into a place that is yours and his, things should start to settle down. There is always a way.


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Krystle - posted on 10/10/2012




With house that full im not suprised. But maybe a real family meeting everyone sits down after little one is asleep and you lay your heart out to them. They are causing problems with the disipline and growth of how you want to raise your child and until you can aford to be on your own they NEED to respect the boundaries of mother and child. Im sure you have told them coutless times but if you have everyone serious and listening to what you have to say maybe it will help. I understand as well as Im living with my father and my 2 kids. He is a huge help to me tho, disiplines just as i would, and if i tell him somethings ok leave it alone he does. Communication is key and if they just cant stop maybe see if you can room and split rent with someone if possible. Hold tight you ARE strong!

Vicki - posted on 10/10/2012




I understand where your coming from been through this myself with my own family. Im sure they mean well in their view point they probably think their helping you, I also know its hard to keep thst in mind when your in the heat of the moment. For me i busted my ass to get money together to move it was the only way as talking to them did nothing. I have no real advice but your not alone either, Hang in there try and stand your ground and hopefully your financial situation improves for you real soon :)

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