What can I do about this little issue..

Britt - posted on 08/06/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi Mommas,

I have a 17 mo old and I work M--F 9-5 so my MIL watches my daughter. Well my daughter is really shy, and will not go with anyone else but myself, dad, or grandma of course. I have recently started taking her to a sitter (w/other kids) twice a week. I tried to take her to the daycare at church yesterday and they called me cause she was screaming after about 20 mins. She bawls when I leave her at the sitter as well. She not used to other kids or other people. So how do I make this transition easier for her? keep trying and eventually she'll be ok? Help!!


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Gabrielle - posted on 08/06/2012




l had the same problem with my 1st kid when i would go to work or even just run out to the car. Even when he was at the house with his dad. At 1st when i would leave him with the sitter i would stay for a littlewhile til he got used to them. I found out that he did a lot better when i dropt him off, gave him a hug and left. he cried for a bit at 1st but after a while he was fine. You might wanna go on a day you dont work and get her used to the children 1st that way she will make friends and not be afraid to go. I am now a SAHM so I dont have to worry about it anymore when it comes to going to work but my 17 month old will do it when igo into thebathroom and shut the door without her with me. She is def. a mommas girl. my son who is is now like psssssssh whatever. byemom

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