What do you do to "discipline" your 18 month old?

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Hi moms! I am new here, I used to frequent a different mommy support social networking site, but went MIA and now I am trying to find a different source of information! So hello!

So on to my question of how do you discipline your young toddler?

For example, my daughter was coloring with a marker this morning (starting to figure out what the coloring is all about!) at her little table in the dining room. She got bored with coloring at her table and took the paper and marker into the living room. I am trying to establish boundaries and rules for her since I am a pretty laid-back parent and give in. I am trying to be firm, and I do not want my furniture colored on anyways. So I grabbed the marker and the paper and put it back on her table and pointed and said you can color here, not there. She tried to grab the marker away again, and I took it back and said no, color here. She flung herself onto the floor in a dramatic act of a temper tantrum flare up and screamed at the top of her lungs! Now, I find her power struggles completely funny, and I love children and especially her, so I do not get frustrated, but I just want to make sure she knows I am the boss! So, during her screaming, I put her in her crib (dark and quiet) since I knew a "Traditional" time out is not going to work on her.

I think she has since passed out from her screaming because I hear not a peep!

What do you do to stem the outbursts from your little one?


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Hi Leah and welcome to com, I've always just tried to ignore the tantrum and especially my youngest was the queen of the tantrum the only time I would intervene was when she would almost hurt herself and then if just say "no" and move her out of danger, she started when she was about 17 months she's 26 months now and I can't even remember when the last tantrum was.
Also from about 18 months I did start the traditional time outs I would stand her in the corner and sit with her with my back to her and then I would do the explaining why she was there and say sorry, hug and kiss you will be surprised how quick she learnt that, now I stand her there and can walk away.

Before I intruduced the naughty corner I would ask them to stop count to 3 then move them away.

My 4 year old gets the naughty step and when she's really passed it she goes to her room to cool down, I don't put my youngest in her room thou because she wouldn't learn a thing from it at her age.

What ever you do you just need to be consistent.

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