What have you ladies done with a child that has regressed from potty training, back to diapers?

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Emma was potty trained fully for months...all of a sudden she is back in diapers and can not stop having accidents. Its awful! She is even starting to pee her bed again. It's just so weird!

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Leandra - posted on 12/05/2012




If you haven't had some big life change that would stress her out, maybe take her for a check up, I read once that sometimes if they have a bladder/yeast infection they can regress.

My daughter so of did that she was only fully potty trained for a week. We started offer a 1 or 2 skittles when she successfully went potty without her panties being wet.

Justin - posted on 12/05/2012




From what I've heard, you have to start potty training all over. I mean like start her back in diapers again, full time. Have her spend a month in these and then start back from phase one: the toilet

Devin - posted on 07/30/2009




Do you know what caused her to regress? Moving to a new house, a new family member? Anything really can cause it.

From what I have heard, the worse thing you can do is put her back in diapers. Dealing with accidents is annoying and a lot of work, but she won't want to keep having accidents forever. If you keep encouraging her and keep her out of diapers, eventually she will relearn. You pretty much have to start from scratch again.

Good luck!

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