what i do if my son starting to hit back?

Vivian - posted on 01/08/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son is two and when get does something wrong i get him a tap on his hand or butt.
But now he starting to hit back even I put him in corner he still hits back? i don't know what to do?
whats the best way to stop his hitting problem?


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Jessica - posted on 01/21/2014




He is NOT too young to be spanked to tapped on the hand. I have a 2 yr old, soon to be 3 and we have been spanking/swatting his hand or bottom since he was old enough to know better (for him it was age 2). We give him a warning by telling him no or that's not nice and acting very upset, if he doesn't correct it he gets a second warning the same way but a little more assertive, after the second warning if he is still acting out he gets him bottom or hand swatted depending on what he did and then gets sat on the floor about 5 minutes, if he hits back we tell him no he cant do that because he did a bad thing not mommy or daddy. If he continues the problem or act he gets put in his room/quite place for 10 minutes all alone. We have only had to put him alone twice, after he realized when we say no, it means no. Good luck with what ever you choose to do.

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