What is normal 3 year old behavoir?

Amber - posted on 03/30/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Is there anyone else out there that has a three year old that pushes, hits , spits and just doesnt want to listen? My husband and I have tried everything. He does not have this behavior with the exception of not listening sometimes at home. The bad behavior occurs mostly at daycare and didnt start until three weeks ago. I am at a loss from where he could have picked this up. Any suggestions?


Niki - posted on 03/30/2012




It could be that he is not getting the attention that he needs at daycare for some reason, or he maybe picking it up from another child, or he may also have hit a new milestone and this may be his response it. I would not say that this is not normal, I think that there maybe some underlying reason for it. My daughter was never a hitter, then a new child came in to her daycare and his parents were going through a divorce, and he was acting out every badly, so badly he injured a daycare worker and she had to have surgery on her shoulder, and he always picked on my daughter, so she started with the hitting punching, and pushing. and she was around 2 1/2- 3 when this happened, and it took a while to break her of doing those things to her friends. At home we do time out, for inappropriate behavior, so I told the daycare every time she did it or it looked like she was gonna do it, then put her right on time out, then ask her why she was put on time out, so that she would eventually connect the dots to why she was going on time out so much.

Sorry for the long reply, I hope this helps out :)

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