What is the best way to potty train my 2 year old son?

Krissy - posted on 05/28/2013 ( 11 moms have responded )




Is it ok to leave him without pampers and just with briefs during the day?


Shannon - posted on 06/01/2013




You may not want to hear this, but we didn't potty train our kids until they were 3 1/2. But it was quick and painless and they didn't need diapers during the day or at night..... Both of our girls were peeing on the toilet (and lasting the night) within the week. I say - no rush.


Amanda - posted on 05/28/2013




Potty training can be stressful both on parent and child! What i have done with my two older girls, is let them run around in their underwear. I tried the pull ups but i found they thought they were just like a diaper so they would pee in them....but if they wore actual underwear it was uncomfortable for them to sit in. In this nice weather...honestly i used to let them run around without underwear on for a bit. And even in the house at times, but kept them off the carpet! I found that helped. Every child is different so you may have to try a few different ways. The other thing i used to do if i was worried about them peeing on my carpet was to put a plastic training pant on. They had their underwear on under neath them it would just help from getting all over the place if they had an accident! Let them pick out their favorite underwear/briefs. And i used to tell my oldest that the princess' didn't want her peeing on them. It worked! have a sticker book and let them put a sticker on every time they have gone to the bathroom...and let them flush the toilet! Hopefully this helps you! Just try and make it as much fun as possible so it doesn't stress you out too! Good luck!

Kari - posted on 06/24/2013




I am in this process now myself with my 2 1/2 year old son. So far the 20 minute timer seems to work pretty well and he loves stickers so we started a sticker chart. There are a lot of free templates online. I hope this helps. Good luck. The key is to be patient and consistant.

Danicia - posted on 06/01/2013




is it ok to be without pampers- absolutely!!!

I potty trained my daughter starting at 18 months- BARE BUTT. after about a week or so we transitioned to panties. I tried starting with diapers, they did not help her learn when she needed to potty. we had messes at first bare booty but it helped her learn what her body was doing. a month later, she is really good at running to the bathroom when she needs to go. if I am doing things around the house and am not paying much attention to her I will let her go around bare butt and we don't have accidents (we haven't learned to pull panties down on our own consistently).

good luck!!! best recommendation is once you start, be consistent and your son will follow suit! :)

Cecilia - posted on 06/01/2013




I always did the underwear only method. A tee-shirt and some undies and you're ready to go.

as far as carpets and couches are concerned, if they do get wet spots on there- soak the moisture up in a towel, pour salt on it and let it finish drying that way, then vacuum. The salt will prevent stains, and smells. If nothing else invest in a steam cleaner. It's the price you would be spending on a few months of diapers anyways.

If you're okay at sewing you can make "leak-proof" undies using PUL material and a soft fabric for the inside. . ( i was looking for a different example but - this works too! http://itsourlongstory.blogspot.com/2012...) We use PUL undies for bedtime. The material is actually pretty soft in case you've never seen it.


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Faye - posted on 06/05/2013




What you are really trying to do is teach him to listen to his body. I used a timer for my son. It worked like a charm as I was not the one harping on him asking if he needed to use the bathroom.

If there is an accident, hand him the roll of paper towels and a trash can. Supervise him cleaning up including washing his hands. Afterwards you will want to go over the area again with either the floor cleaning solution or carpet shampooer (wherever the mess was).

Buy his favorite cartoon "people" or "pets" and extra laundry soap. I think we started with about 18 or 20 pair. My son received for Christmas 4 packages. We bought Mickey Mouse and Pooh Bear as the "people" and dinosaurs and dalmatians were the "pets". Mickey and Pooh would be disappointed in him if he messed in them while the animals would bite him.

Using the timer with my son, I set it for 15 minutes. Each time it went off he ran to the bath to try. Once he got that mastered (2 days worth), I moved the timer to 20 minutes. Once he got that mastered (again 2 days worth) I moved the timer to 30 minutes. Again after he mastered that time frame, I moved it to 45 minutes. It went off several times before I got informed, "Mommy don't set it again, I got this." At about 35 to 40 minutes, off he ran to the bath and there has been no accidents since. I did reset the timer after he told me that but when he ran to the bath early, I quietly stopped the timer.

Nighingale, I will disagree with you as you can tell when a girl needs to go potty. There are girls who will try her best to hold it in and maybe even double over trying hard not to pee. I have watched both my daughter (now 22) when she was little and granddaughter (18 months) do this so I know some do. Another thing they will do is squat as they pee.

Nightingale - posted on 06/04/2013




I started potty training both of mine around 2.. My son finally trained at 2 and a half, my daughter at 2 and 8 months..
It is easy to tell when a boy needs to go.. just leave him naked. But to start with, the clever little monster would pee in towels.. yup, he would grab a towel.. hold it to his front.. then pee.. I finally gave up at 2 years 4 months and said fine, if you want to be a baby, be a baby! WEAR diapers while all your friends wear big boy underwear! 2 months later, he walks in and says "I want to wear big boy underwear mom!" I told him fine, but if he makes one mistake, he gets the diaper again.. he said FINE. So I put on underwear and from then on, not one accident..day or night. But this is atypical.. he didnt talk like other two year olds..

My daughter was a little more difficult, since you cant tell when a girl needs to go. For her, I just scheduled her bathroom time, and let her watch me go pee. I acted like it was normal and didnt "teach" her so much as include her. I didnt make her think this was a lesson. sHE watched me then I told her its your turn.. Even if she just sat there, it was a step closer. When she did pee, I would of course praise her.. "Cool Sica! Yeah, I knew you were smart.. always easy to show you something.. you get it right away." I also let my son watch me pee.. at 2 they dont see that mom is a girl.

I also heard that if you pour warm water over their areas it makes them pee, but that seemed weird to me so I never tried it..

Christine - posted on 06/02/2013




I have trained three of my children i found that schedulung myself to when i gave them drinks they would go about 15 min latwr. i had a potty chair in the luving room n they sat on when ever they wanted it was easier to show them that it was more e convienent for them
i rewarded them every time and it was fun for them. dont get made when they have an accident accidents happen, training pants instead of pampers less comfort after they soil themselves

Deanna - posted on 06/01/2013




Yes. If he is ready for it, then go ahead like that. It's how my daughter was potty trained.

Natalie - posted on 05/30/2013




Take the nappy off an just keep saying wee on potty when they try clap ya hands an amaze them that there doing really well! I've got 3 children an they all are different at potty training the tip is a bag of lollies an stickers an when
They have did something they get a sticker an a lollie :-) works for me everytime..... They will make mistakes an things but you will get there x

Cc - posted on 05/29/2013




I agree. I was trying to potty train my 2 year old for about 5 months with pull-ups and got nothing. I started only putting underpants on him and he was fully trained in a month. He was 3 when this happened. Hopefully it won't take you so long!

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