What is the best way to teach colors, numbers, and letters to a 3 year old?

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I am trying to help my daughters learn the basics before they start school withing the next year. The one they have the hardest time with is the colors... they get them right sometimes and other times not at all. We go over everything in what it is, color, sounds it makes, etc. Any suggestions?


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keep up with what your doing and soon enought it will come. . . .I teach ym child asl and i beoieve it helps. just the other day my daughter 3.5 yrs comes up and draw in my icing sugar an A< B< E and a L. I was so shooked but Ober happy! she knows her number colors and abcs now its just working on writing them but i truely think that the asl has help my 2 daughters. My 2.5 yr old knows them but still messes them up. which is fine as she will in time and when her lil brain is ready :D good luck

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Some of the things we do are paints, dressing all in one colour, putting a couplea drops of food colouring in the bath (and letting him choose what colour he wants), making "rainbows" by grouping together things they like of the same colour (e.g apples, strawberries and firetrucks, then oranges and orange daisies, etc), getting him to help me hang out the washing and asking for a certain colour peg. All very low key, no pressure or disappointments if he gets it wrong. Hope you find something that works for you, good luck!

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yeah, just keep doing what you're doing and it will eventually stick. Outside of sitting down with them and going over colors in a structured way. When you're out and about, occasionally point to something and ask them if they know what color it is. It makes it fun for them doing it that way also. This really helped with my boys in learning colors, letters and numbers.

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Name the colors of everything. I point at every semi we pass in the car and say "Look! Blue/Red/Yellow truck!" or "There goes an orange car." We also play with big blocks and I have her put all the red blocks away or make a stack with all the blue blocks...that kind of thing.

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Debra - posted on 09/12/2012




i'm having the same problem my 6 year son caught on good but my daughter is another story. i need some suggestion please

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